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Our Certified Nurse-Midwives “CNM” believe in shared decision making and tailoring care to each individual woman. They will take the time to get to know your individual needs and wants and use these desires, along with evidence-based medicine, to develop your unique care plan.  Our prenatal visits allow ample time to get to know each expecting mother as a unique woman which fosters an atmosphere of empowerment.  Our CNM’s specialize in natural physiological childbirth and has the knowledge to carefully monitor the physical, psychological and social well being of our mothers, babies, and their extended support system. These unique skills facilitate a safe and individualized birth experience.

Kimberly A. Johansen, CNM, MSN, ARN

During Kim’s 20 plus year career in health care, she has been passionate about helping mothers bring their children safely into the world. Kim believes that every woman deserves to be treated in a caring, nonjudgemental way regardless of her social, economic, or cultural background. This belief drove her mission to open a birth center where women can feel safe and cared for while being empowered to take the lead in their journey to motherhood.

Kim’s personal childbirth experience, in a traditional medical system, with her first child compared to the experience of birthing, along with a CNM, for her second child motivated a career path change from management to healthcare. Kim realized that healthcare was not a one size fits all model and that women deserved a voice in what happens to their bodies, especially at such a vulnerable time as pregnancy and childbirth.

Kim received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Purdue University in 1997, along with a minor degree in psychology. Immediately after graduation, she began a career in women’s and children’s health along with specializing in labor and delivery. In 2002 she was accepted into the University of New Mexico’s prestigious Nurse-Midwifery graduate school. For her master’s thesis, she developed a theory of providing a model of Certified Nurse-Midwifery care that would enable women to become empowered throughout their pregnancy and childbirth experience.

As Kim’s experience- over 1,200 babies delivered- and knowledge base grew she realized that being a CNM was not enough to facilitate her vision of changes in women’s healthcare. She knew that in order to serve women in the way in which they deserved she needed to open her own birth center. Her theory would become the framework and foundation of how women’s healthcare would be delivered at Empowered Pregnancy Birth Center and Women’s Wellness Clinic.

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Empowered Pregnancy Birth Center

Empowered Pregnancy officially opened its doors in May of 2019 realizing the dream of providing women the opportunity to deliver in a beautiful, relaxing and safe environment under the guidance of a certified nurse-midwife.


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When a birth center has received the prestigious CABC Accreditation it demonstrates that the birth center has developed an environment of care based on rigorous safety standards that promote successful outcomes for both mothers and babies, as well as reducing health care cost. A four-year research program, conducted by the CABC, showed that the cumulative neonatal mortality rate, in CABC Accredited birth centers, were only 0.4/1000, which is the lowest among large studies of low risk populations.


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