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Heng Ma

Licensed Massage Therapist Certified Infant Massage Instructor

With Body Enmotion Massage, our goal is to empower every person to achieve a healthy and confident lifestyle through personalized massage therapy services. Our goal is to listen to the needs of every person, and tailor a treatment which will help you be at your best. We will work with you during your wellness journey and listen to your feedback so that we can continually optimize your treatment plan to meet your wellness goals.

Women's Services

We are dedicated to providing every woman with a comprehensive, holistic experience in which to explore her own health and healing. Women have many unique health concerns which require specialized care. We strive to promote Women's wellness and health awareness.

Our specialties include:

  • Prenatal Massage*

  • Postpartum Massage*

    • Delivery Day Massage (subject to availability)

  • Breast Massage *

    • For new mothers

    • Post-breast augmentation surgery

    • For cancer survivors

    • General health and circulation

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