What is a “natural pregnancy and birth”?

Many women desire to have a natural birth without really understanding what that concept entails. Depending on where you deliver or the individual you ask you will receive a variety of answers pertaining to what makes up a “natural birth”. You will get answers such as not having  pain medication, not being induced, not having a cesarean section, to not having any medical tests or interventions at all and delivering at one’s home.

Empowered Pregnancy’s definition of natural pregnancy

At Empowered Pregnancy we practice shared decision making and believe that pregnancy is a normal health stage of a woman’s life just like puberty and menopause.  Like other stages of life, your health will proceed without complications the majority of time but there may be issues in need of monitoring; such as blood pressure, weight, iron levels, and growth by a skilled provider to make sure you and your baby are healthy.  At Empowered Pregnancy the CNM will closely monitor both mother and infant to make sure everyone is doing well throughout the nine months and the postpartum period. Our providers are skilled at picking up deviations from normal early-on so they can help decrease the likelihood of medical intervention being necessary.


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