Doula Service Kirkland Washington

wa doula serviceA lot of expectant mothers are excited to start a new phase of their life with their bundle of joy. But not a lot of people realize that pregnant women don’t only go through physical and physiological changes. They also experience a lot of emotional changes that can affect their pregnancy and life after giving birth.

Recognizing the emotional aspect of pregnancy is important for the family, especially between partners. This helps them find a solution to make the pregnancy less stressful for everyone, especially the pregnant woman.

Causes of Pregnancy Emotions in Women

There’s some truth in how TV shows depict women’s pregnancy mood swings. However, it has only scratched the surface of where the emotional distress comes from. Not only that, but it also carries over to the postnatal period. This is something a lot of women get surprised about, causing bigger emotional and mental health issues.

The top three causes of pregnancy emotions in women are:

  • Hormones
  • Stress over their pregnancy and life after
  • Body image and changes

Coping With Pregnancy Emotions With Doula Care

Most pregnant women feel like they are alone or are misunderstood when it comes to handling their emotions. When this happens, it becomes a cycle of becoming more stressed, even well after their pregnancy. Their partner can be very supportive of them, but it can still feel lacking. 

However, expectant mothers don’t have to be alone or unsupported emotionally. Doula services exist to help, support, and guide women professionally during pregnancy, labor, and postnatal life.

What Is a Doula?

Also known as “birth attendants,” doulas are professionally trained and licensed individuals that perform a vital role during and after childbirth. Doula care is unique from OB-gyne or midwife services, as they provide dedicated emotional support even outside of the clinic.

A doula will educate you about the labor and delivery process to help you feel less anxious. Part of doula care also includes nonmedical pain management techniques depending on what works for you. These can be massages, aromatherapy sessions, music and meditation, or reflexology.

Why You Should Opt for Doula Services

Pregnancy is scary and stressful because it affects you physically and emotionally. You’re also responsible for the life that’s forming in your womb, and that’s even scarier. The life after childbirth is like starting at a job that you know nothing about, even when you’ve read all about it.

Doula services, however, can guide you through all of those, with special attention to your emotional well-being. Doulas offer continuous guidance during the entire process, even during postpartum if you’ve opted for it. They provide support for expectant mothers and to the rest of the family, ensuring that the pregnancy is safe and happy for everyone.

How Doula Services Work

Doula care usually starts around the seventh month of your pregnancy. This is so there’s ample time to discuss your birth plan and make adjustments before your due date. It also involves your doula being present during delivery, helping you manage the pain and stress of childbirth.

Many OB-GYNs are comfortable with the idea of expectant mothers opting for doula services. They understand that doulas have an important, emotionally supportive role for the pregnant woman, while they perform the medical aspect of delivery. 

If you feel unsure, you can consult with your doctor about doula care. They may also refer you to doula services if they feel like you will benefit from their emotional support.

Professional Doula Care in Kirkland, Washington

If you live in and around Kirkland, WA and need professional doula services near you, contact Empowered Pregnancy today! We offer certified doula care to expectant mothers, ensuring that you play an active role in your pregnancy and labor preferences. 

Our doulas are trained to encourage your choices and help you better prepare for your due day. We also have postpartum doulas that can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance for new mothers and their families. They will help you learn how to care for you and your baby during the first few months.

We have different postpartum doula services packages that you can choose from based on the support you need. Be empowered in your pregnancy while making it one of the best experiences in your life. Contact us today to learn more about our services!