Out of Hospital Child Birth Education

Six-Part Series


Our Out of Hospital Child Birth classes are a six-week course program built to help set you up for a beautiful fulfilling natural childbirth in an out of hospital birth setting. Each two-hour class focuses on how to safely give birth to your baby in a free-standing birth center or at home. Each class in the series encourages women to be come an active component in their healthcare journey while building a personal and unique birth experience. We focus on being prepared for non-medicated birth with pain-management strategies for labor. We will be discussing what normal breastfeeding in the immediate postpartum period looks like and what you will need to have in place when you go home just a short time after delivery with your new infant. We will discuss what signs you need to look for in mom and baby that would require intervention by a health care provider.


Breastfeeding 101

Two-Hour Class $50

Take a step towards infant nutritional preparedness in this two-hour class breaking down breastfeeding basics. Learn how your body prepares to nourish your new baby as well as helpful tips and tricks from your Certified Nurse Midwife on latching, lactating and loving breastfeeding! Whether you are a first time mom or just looking for a refresher this class has a little bit for every mom preparing to embark upon their breastfeeding journey.


Postpartum 101



In Postpartum 101 we take a realistic look at what the first six weeks home with a new infant actually looks like. The realities of breast feeding, babies sleep and weight patterns, and how to survive the unavoidable sleepless nights ahead. We will begin breaking down stereotypes and bridging the gap between the preconceived ideals of what parenthood is like and the reality of raising an infant.


Nutrition 101

Two-Hour Class $50


Nutrition 101 is a two hour class focused on overall nutrition from preconception through the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. We will discuss what a BMI is and how important it can be during pregnancy. We will go over how much you should be eating as well as what is considered normal weight gain during the first half of pregnancy. We will discuss healthy eating habits, safe exercise routines and the vitamins that are necessary and safe to take during your pregnancy, and so much more.


Nutrition 202

Two-Hour Class $50


Nutrition 202 picks up right where Nutrition 101 left off. We will review nutrition during the second half of your pregnancy and learn how your body process food while supporting and preparing to feed baby. We will talk about gestational diabetes and why you should you be tested. In addition we will discus how and when it is safe to exercise, what is a healthy weekly weight gain, diet during breastfeeding, and much more.


Supporting the Support Person



Supporting the support person is a class just for the primary support person. We will go over importance of the roll of a support person during the moments leading up to labor, throughout labor, and after labor. We will discuss how to interpret cues from mom both verbal and nonverbal during labor and begin an open dialog of what is expected and needed from the support person.