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Pregnant women deserve the utmost care and guidance before and after childbirth. Having a professionalmidwife as you give birth to your newborn is best if you are planning to have a normal delivery.

Empowered Pregnancy is an all-around birth center inclusive for all women. We are committed to providing you healthcare and wellness services for your prenatal and postnatal needs.  

About Midwifery

Midwifery is a healthcare program wherein women are trained to facilitate and support mothers during and after their labor. It has been practiced all over the world for many years. Midwives are in service of other pregnant women in delivering their infant naturally. 

Midwives believe in family-centered maternity care and consider that fathers are an integral part of childbirth, so they are permitted to be with their wives during labor. They promote the concept of mother-infant rooming; allowing the infant to be with the mother after giving birth.

Midwifery has different philosophies that make it a distinct healthcare program. Midwives value women empowerment by allowing childbearing women to be the primary decision maker.

Midwives vs. Obstetrician-Gynecologists

Midwives and obstetrician-gynecologists have the same responsibilities. Both professionals are focused on helping women give birth and improve the welfare of their patients. However, midwives and obstetricians differ in terms of practice. 

An OB-gyn is a medical doctor that specializes in medical and surgical care for pregnant women. OB-gynecologists use clinical methodologies, such as the use of medicine to help their patients in recovery, and they are allowed to perform surgeries when needed. They only offer services within their own clinics or hospitals.

On the other hand, midwives are healthcare providers that facilitate normal labor and help childbearing women in their recovery. These health professionals do not use any medical interventions toward their patients. In addition, they provide service at their own clinics, hospitals, or even at their patient’s own house.

The Midwife’s Philosophies

Midwifery stands by its own beliefs about child labor and healthcare for pregnant mothers. An international organization for midwives developed these philosophies to serve as a guide on how midwives should provide care. The following are some of the philosophies: 

  • Pregnancy and giving birth is an extraordinary experience. It is sentimental to the mother, her family, and the community.
  • Childbearing is a normal, physiological process.
  • The practice is holistic in nature. It is grounded to understanding a woman’s physical, emotional, social, cultural, and psychological experiences.
  • It values a woman’s reproductive and sexual health and rights.
  • Midwives help childbearing women to gain their self-confidence and to cope with childbirth.

Types of Midwives

You can distinguish midwives in terms of their training and accreditation. You can easily pick the type of birth attendant that you think is best for you by her credentials. Here are the types of midwives by their level of training and certification.

Lay Midwives

Lay midwives have limited training and knowledge about childbirth so they cannot facilitate labor. These birth attendants are still helpful because they can assist other midwives or ob-gyns in delivering babies. They can only be of service when you want to give birth at home or a birth center.

Certified Professional Midwives

These birth attendants did not receive proper training in the field of nursing but have clinical experience in childbirth. Clinical professional midwives can work independently on pregnant women at their patient’s house or birth centers. These health professionals must pass a competency test to be of service.

Direct-Entry Midwives

These midwives didn’t enroll in a traditional nursing school but developed their knowledge and skills by apprenticeship, enrolling in a specialized school, or a hospital program. Direct-entry midwives can perform birth deliveries at home or a birth center and can provide prenatal care. 

Certified Nurse Midwives

Birth attendants who have a degree in nursing, extensive training in obstetrics, received certifications is considered certified nurse midwives. These midwives are capable of making a medical decision that is best for you. They will assist during your labor and give you prenatal care.

Certified nurse midwives can work hand-in-hand with an ob-gynecologist or perinatologist. These health professionals can provide healthcare on a pregnant woman who wants to give birth at a hospital, birth center, OB-gyn office, or at home. 

Certified Midwives

Certified midwives can perform the same tasks as certified nurse midwives do. Both of them also share the same credentials. The difference between certified midwives from certified nurse midwives is that these birth attendants do not have undergraduate degrees in nursing.

Benefits of Having a Birth Attendant During and After Your Pregnancy

Enlisting the service of midwives is beneficial for you if you want to give birth naturally. A midwife’s goal is to assist and support you during manual labor. Aside from that, you can get other benefits by choosing a midwife as your healthcare provider. Here are some of the following:

  • Your baby is less likely to have complications.
  • You will never undergo cesarean surgeries since midwives do not practice such operation.
  • You and your baby will not contract any kind of infection.
  • It can lower the chances of preterm birth.
  • You have the liberty to choose the kind of birth plan that you want.
  • You can pick the place where you want to give birth.
  • Hiring the service of midwives will not cost you a lot.

How You Can Be Eligible for a Birth Center Delivery

Always remember that there are conditions you must meet before you can be eligible for a birth center delivery. The following are some of the qualifications: 

  • You Have a Body Mass Index of 40 or Below
  • You Did Not Undergo a Cesarean Surgery Before
  • You Are Only Pregnant with One Baby
  • You Have Never Been Diagnosed with Any Complications in the Uterus

Empowering Women for a Lifetime

At Empowered Pregnancy, we offer certified nurse-midwifery and wellness services for your healthcare needs. Contact our clinic to learn more about our services.

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