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Having a baby can be an exciting stage for parents. After months of pregnancy, you are finally due but suddenly find that you’re undecided on how to bring your child into the world. You have different options such as induced labor, Amniotomy, or Cesarean section. You may also opt for a natural parturition.

What Is Natural Childbirth?

If you want to have minimal or no medical intervention, you can opt for natural childbirth. This method of giving birth has been in practice for centuries. It involves childbirth with minimal medical intervention, such as anesthesia.

Choosing your labor partner is important if you want to have a natural childbirth. A midwife can assist you while giving birth and hiring a certified nurse midwife can give you a high level of care.

Things to Remember About Natural Childbirth

You may have considered giving birth the natural way. Here are some things you need to consider about natural childbirth:

Learn if you are a candidate for natural childbirth.

Natural birth is not for everyone. Those with delicate pregnancies cannot go through natural childbirth. Ask your doctor to learn what method works best for you and your baby.

Childbearing can take place in your home or a birth center.

These days, hospitals are the common places where women give birth, usually under the supervision of a doctor. With natural childbirth, you can bear a baby at the comfort of your own house or have a baby in a birthing center.

Birthing centers offer a comfortable and homey environment for you. These centers also offer interventions if necessary. You may also give birth in your own home. Under this setup, the midwives will bring with them equipment from birth centers to your house in Redmond, WA.

Choose a facility where you will give birth.

Picking a facility for natural birth is important. Your partner center will help you handle your pregnancy and childbirth. Choose a facility known for employing compassionate midwives and staff who can help you give birth.

To learn more about different birth centers, you may read different testimonials and reviews from their previous clients. Feel free to ask any of your friends or colleagues if they know a birth center that serves Redmond, WA clients.

Manage pain naturally through alternative methods.

Doctors may give anesthesia for women in the hospital. With natural childbirth, a woman has a variety of options to ease the pain during delivery. Meditation, massage, hypnosis, as well as breathing exercises, are some methods that can help you manage pain while giving birth.

Be physically ready for natural childbirth.

Physical preparation for childbirth starts during pregnancy. You need endurance when you are about to have a baby. There are different exercises that you can do during pregnancy. You can walk daily or do light exercises, such as yoga, squats, or prenatal classes. 

Having regular exercise can help improve your blood circulation and improve your stamina. In addition, being physically fit can make your body more relaxed when you deliver a baby. 

Learn breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises can help you feel relax and ease your pain when you are in labor. You can practice breathing exercises, starting from pregnancy. Lamaze and Bradley Method are two examples of breathing techniques you may choose from.

While you are in labor, do slow breathing at first. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This can help you ease any tension during parturition. After that, breathe faster as your labor get more active.  

Have a partner for natural childbirth.

Choose a supportive partner who will be on your side when you give birth. He or she could be your sibling, parent, friend, or your life partner. Inform your partner about all the details of your natural childbirth. 

You may also consider hiring a doula. Sometimes known as a birth companion, a doula is someone who gives guidance and support for a woman while you are in labor.

Find a comfortable position while you are in labor.

One advantage of natural childbirth is you can easily adjust your position to make yourself comfortable. Find a position that you are most at ease with, especially during the late stage of delivery. This will make it easier for you to give birth.

Inform your doula, midwife, or partner to help you change positions during labor. 

Go to a natural childbirth class.

Ask your partner to attend a natural birth session with you. A class will tell you ways how you can prepare for your delivery. Your class instructor will also give you all the information you need to know about the different stages of labor. During your pregnancy, look for a natural childbirth class offered for Redmond, WA. 

Bring all of your necessities in a birth clinic.

You and your partner may need to stay for several hours in a birth clinic. That is why you need to prepare your bag. Prepare to bring a robe, loose clothing, thick socks, maternity bras, and water. Don’t forget your healthcare information. 

Prepare the bag weeks before you are about to give birth. You don’t want to be scrambling for your things just right before your due date.

Benefits of Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth helps you feel more empowered with your pregnancy because you rely more on your body and instincts. In addition, you’ll be in control of your body. With the right support and preparation, you can feel empowered giving birth the natural way. Here are other benefits of natural childbirth:

Natural childbirth gives you more freedom.

You can be confined in bed with other procedures in the hospital. That means you can’t change positions or walk during your labor. On the other hand, you have more freedom if you give birth naturally. Being able to move freely makes labor easier compared to other methods.

Natural childbirth can be less stressful.

Medication and surgery may cause anxiety for most some women who gave birth with medical intervention. On the other hand, natural childbirth can be less stressful for the mother and the baby. During labor, your brain sends oxytocin signals to your brain to send endorphins, which helps you handle pain. 

Natural childbirth is usually shorter.

Pain-relieving medicines can make your labor time longer. Some medications interfere with your body’s systems and affect your contractors. Natural childbirth can shorten your delivery time.

Natural childbirth allows you to recover faster.

Some mothers may need more time to recover if they undergo other child-bearing procedures. This means you won’t be present for your baby right away after you give birth. With natural childbirth, you experience an oxytocin high, which provides you with more energy. This allows you to cuddle, do breastfeeding, and have skin-to-skin touching with your newborn baby.

Natural childbirth can help save you money.

Giving birth by Caesarian, induced labor, or episiotomy can be very expensive, depending on the hospital. You may end up spending a lot of money if your insurance does not cover a procedure. On the other hand, natural childbirth costs lower compared to these operations.

Natural childbirth can make your baby healthier.

Some babies are born earlier under scheduled deliveries in hospitals. As a result, some babies may lack development time. In hospitals, the umbilical cord is cut abruptly, which may deprive a baby with precious blood cells, iron, antibodies, and stem cells.

In addition, your baby will also be exposed to medications and other interventions. With natural childbirth, it is more possible for you to have a healthier baby.

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