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OB-GYN stands for obstetrician-gynecologist. An OB-GYN is a doctor or physician who focuses on women’s health. He or she has studied obstetrics and gynecology that is why he or she is an expert in the female reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Importance of OB-GYNS for Your Pregnancy

Many experts in Washington State say that you should consider choosing and having an OB-GYN if you are planning to get pregnant. This way, your OB-GYN in WA can address any medical issues that you have so you can avoid any pregnancy risks. These risks include high blood pressure, miscarriage, diabetes, and infections. Having an OB-GYN in WA before getting pregnant is called preconception care. 

Your OB-GYN in WA, along with your certified nurse midwife, will ensure that you and your baby are safe throughout the pregnancy duration. They will help determine the best care for you. Your OB-GYN in WA will check your general health, will listen for the fetal heart rate, and will occasionally do ultrasounds to determine the condition of your baby.

OB-GYNs in WA will also be there to assist you when the time comes for you to deliver your baby. They will monitor you and your baby for any complications that may arise during the delivery. This is the reason why midwives also call OB-GYNs as backup support during your labor. 

Should You Choose an OB-GYN or a Certified Nurse Midwife in WA?

During your pregnancy period, one important decision to make is which caretaker or practitioner in WA is good for you. Would it be an OB-GYN or a certified nurse midwife? Here are some of the factors that may help you determine whether a Redmond, Washington obstetrician or a certified nurse midwife is right for you: 

  • Risk of Pregnancy

Consult with a Redmond, Washington obstetrician or a certified nurse midwife to check if you have a high- or low-risk pregnancy. Experts in Washington State recommend nurse midwives for low-risk pregnancies while an OB-GYN is better for those with high-risk or complicated pregnancies. 

Usually, complicated pregnancies include the need for C-section birth, which can only be performed by an OB-GYN as this is their expertise. Midwives in WA may direct you to an OB-GYN for more advanced medical care. 

  • Kind of Birth and Location

If you want to give birth at home through normal delivery, it is better for you to choose the services of certified nurse midwives. While they can assist and offer their advice, OB-GYNs do not offer home birth care.

Midwives work at birthing centers if you want to give birth anywhere else other than in your home and hospitals in WA. However, if you want to give birth at a hospital through cesarean delivery, then a Redmond, Washington obstetrician may be good for you.

  • Support

If you decide to choose the services of an OB-GYN, you will experience a more routine approach to your prenatal care. You may have an appointment with your Redmond, Washington obstetrician that can turn to weekly visits as you are nearing your due date. 

Health professionals in WA say that most certified nurse midwives may have more time for you than a Redmond, Washington obstetrician. Midwives can help you learn more about the changes you experience because of your pregnancy.

Midwives in WA may offer some counseling to help you become a better parent to your child, especially if it is your first time to have a child. With that being said, you may want to hire a certified nurse midwife from Empowered Pregnancy.

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Empowered Pregnancy is a birth center and a women’s wellness clinic in WA. Our primary focus is to give you gentle nurturing care. We help women in their health and maternal needs, which includes pregnancy and childbirth.

Every month, Empowered Pregnancy hosts a doula tea for expectant parents in WA. Through this, our licensed birth attendants in WA can determine the support that you may need. Be it mental or physical support.

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At Empowered Pregnancy, our midwives can give you individualized care to ensure you and your baby’s safety. We will carefully monitor you and your baby’s psychological, social, and physical well-being. Contact us to learn more!

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