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water birth is a process of giving birth in a pool or a tub filled with warm water. It is believed that water births are a gentler way for babies to be born. This is because babies have already been in the amniotic fluid sac so giving birth in a similar environment through water delivery is better for them.

Water birth is also said to be less stressful for the mother as it may reduce the pain of giving birth. It may also speed up the labor process and keep the mother from needing anesthesia.

In Bothell, WA, water births can be performed in a hospital, birthing center, or in your home. It is also offered by some doctors, obstetricians, and certified nurse-midwives.

What Happens During a Water Birth?

During a water birth, the mother gets into a tub or pool of warm water. She will remain in the water during the pushing phase and up until the actual birth of the baby. Your midwife will be there to assist you during this stage of your water delivery.

With water birth, the baby’s lungs are not open so water cannot enter. His or her lungs only open up when he or she take his or her first breath of air. Besides, once your baby is born, he or she will only remain in the water for a short time. Your midwife will slowly bring him or her out of the water slowly. 

After giving birth, you may remain in the water until the placenta is delivered. Some mothers like to have a place right next to the tub where they can lie down once they get out of the water to be examined. Your midwife will also assess your baby’s overall health to make sure that he or she is in good condition. 

Benefits of a Water Birth

One of the most-asked questions about laboring in water is, will the baby drown in water? The answer is no. When babies are born in water, their body would behave like as if they are still in their moms’ womb.

In addition to this gentle transition for the baby, moms benefit is many ways too. Some women in Bothel, WA who have tried giving birth through water delivery have given positive feedback. Here are some of the benefits of a water birth:

  • Water Birth Helps You Become More Relaxed

Being immersed in warm water has a relaxing effect on your muscles as water creates a feeling of weightlessness. Water can also improve your blood circulation by providing more oxygen to your uterine muscles. You end up feeling more relaxed and feel less pain during a water birth.

  • Water Birth May Provide an Easier and Shorter Labor

Some researchers have found that soaking in warm water makes it easier for the mother to give birth. Warm water can make changing positions and staying upright easier so your pelvis can open up. The water can also soften the tissues of the area between your vagina and your anus, making it able to stretch so your baby’s head can pass through easily. 

  • Water Birth May Reduce the Need for Epidurals

When undergoing labor or delivery, midwives, doctors, or OB-GYNs may use epidural anesthesia for pain relief. Epidurals can block nerve impulses from the lower spinal segments, leading to a decreased sensation in the lower half of your body.

However, epidurals can have negative side effects such as sudden drops in blood pressure, severe headache, nausea, and difficulty in urinating. Evidence shows that laboring in water can reduce the need for an epidural, meaning that it’s possible to avoid its negative side effects.

Get in Touch With Empowered Pregnancy for Your Water Birth

If you are planning to have a water birth or water delivery, consider the assistance of Empowered Pregnancy. Our certified nurse-midwives are knowledgeable about this type of delivery. We also have the proper training and experience so you can trust that we know exactly what to do.

Empowered Pregnancy will make sure that you and your baby are safe during water delivery. This is why we always make an assessment first to check if water birth is safe for you and your baby. Contact us to learn more about water birth!

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